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Essential Tips From Experts To Help You Buy Fresh Fish!

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We love fresh food because it tastes better, has better quality and has more nutritional value. So whether it is bread, vegetable, chicken, Seafood, lettuce, or any other consumable item- we want it to be fresh for the same reason! 

When stored for long, some food items like fish, vegetables, and chicken can decompose and cause an unpleasant odour because they are fragile, so their quality deteriorates if not used or stored correctly. 

This time we tried to bring some essential tips to help you purchase fresh fish and some additional information to keep them fresh for long enough for later use.

Best Place to Buy Seafood and Fish

Choosing where to purchase your favourite Seafood and fish is as important as which fish to buy because you would like to avoid going to any market randomly and buy fish! 

Always prefer to visit wholesale seafood markets for fresh fish. There you have many options, multiple varieties, the best price, and most importantly, a fish that has been appropriately handled and does not smell or seem stored for long.

If it is packed or frozen, do not miss to check the date of packaging and best-before.

Tips to Select Fresh Fish

If it is fresh, the Seafood would undoubtedly taste delicious. But how you are supposed to know that?- let's have some tips from experts.

Tip #1: Look at the fish's eye- if it is cloudly, leave it! A fresh fish would have clear eyes. And cloudly eyes mean- it was harvested at least three to five days back. So, it is better to leave such old fish!

Tip #2: A moist and bright red interior indicates fresh fish! If its gills turn pink or brownish-grey, you can avoid having that fish because it has been mishandled or is old to not have on your plate! A fresh fish must have clean and clean gills.

Tip #3: Notice the (fish) skin. It should be shiny, moist, and a bit slippery. Also, ensure the scale are not missing and firmly attached to their skin!

Tip #4: The fish should not smell unpleasant or foul odour because fresh fish does not smell so. It should smell moist and sea-fresh. So, any unusual smell should be avoided!

Tip #5: Notice the flesh- if it is firm and elastic enough to bounce back when thumped or touched- it is fresh! But, if it remains suppressed or takes longer to come to its natural shape, the fish is getting softer and is old enough to avoid!

Tip #6: Fillets and steak cuts should look firm and moist if it is fresh. Also, do not miss to check for bruises (the dark red spots on the fillets caused by mishandling). Though you can still eat those fillets, they are not considered good quality!

Tips for Store Fish

As we talked- nothing matches the quality of fresh fish and its taste. That's why it is always advisable to cook and eat the fish on the same day you purchase. 

But, what if you have to store them?- well, you can warp the fish in waxed paper and store it in the fridge for a day or two. But, ensure not to refrigerate it for longer; it might taste a bit different. Well, if frozen fish is stored in the freezer, you can expect this time to be up to 6 months!

The Final Words:

So, if you are searching for a wholesale seafood market for fresh fish- simply visit Seafood direct for quality fresh fish! 

They offer a quality collection of fresh Seafood you would love to eat! 

So why wait? Call now (01472 566000) or visit their website for quick order placement! Hurry!

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