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Excellent Seafood and Wine Pairings - Seafood home delivery

Seafood and wine have always been inseparable. Many wine-producing countries, notably Portugal, Spain, and Italy, have strong seafood culinary traditions. These countries' wines also owe a lot to their maritime climates—some people even taste the saltiness in Madeira wine. 

Correct wine pairing with seafood dishes is critical in providing you and your company with a delightful gastronomical experience. While seafood and wine pairings are not as tricky as they seem, you must consider the delicate flavour profile of the fish. Why not try our seafood home delivery service to sample our large range of fish and seafood.

The adage "White Wine with Fish" still holds true.

An old adage says, "red goes with red meat, and white goes with fish." This is true for a very good reason: red wines include tannins and other pigments that remove the grease from the palette caused by meats. Nonetheless, tannins have specific flavours that can smother the peculiar taste of seafood, concealing it in the process. Furthermore, seafood does not have a lot of grease, so you would not require red wine's grease-removing characteristics. When in doubt, use rose wine for seafood and wine pairings, especially in saucy recipes.

A Simple Guideline: Moist and Dry

Dry wine pairs beautifully with seafood. Sweet wines tend to be too flavourful and may dominate seafood dishes. Dry spirits, such as fino sherry, go well with shrimp and other crustaceans. Although beer is not wine, light and dry beer can be a viable option. Sweet wines can also be a terrific choice for saucy recipes, particularly those with tomato and strong spices. Seafood and wine pairings for big and fatty fish should be light and dry red wines.

What About Sparkling Wines?

Sparkling wines are a unique type of wine. Nonetheless, it is a compelling accompaniment to a simple seafood dish: fried fish. This pairing may provide stability from your excess weight with fried foods, particularly tempura or fish fillets with a thick batter. The fizz of sparkling wine has the same effect as drinking soda with French fries—it not only lightens the food but may also fill you with gas. However, some people may dislike sparkling wine or think it is too expensive. For them, an extremely dry white wine could also do the trick. Sparkling wines for seafood and wine pairings are similar to pearls for oysters in that they provide lustre to the dish.

Seafood and wine are supposed to be enjoyed together. Remember, these are merely guidelines, and rules are designed to be broken from time to time. Ultimately, your preferences will determine which seafood and wine pairings you prefer. Sweet red wines, for example, would pair nicely with various Asian seafood meals, particularly those that are spicy and involve curry. These tidbits of advice should not be used in place of your experience, and they must adhere to the guidelines governing the order of wine service.

Your seafood and wine pairing start with some fresh seafood. To browse Seafood Direct's fine selection of mouth-watering fresh seafood, please stop by our website today! And if you have any questions about our online seafood delivery service, call us at 01472 566000 or write to us at One of our representatives will get back to you shortly!

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