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Five of Our Favourite Ways to Cook Fish

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There are dozens of ways to cook and enjoy seafood. In this blog, we have put together five of our favourite ways that ensure delicious results!

1. Grill

We love grilling fish because you can prepare it in any way you like! Your goal is to get a nicely charred exterior that preserves the fish's succulent texture inside. Fatty fish, such as salmon and halibut, can be grilled right on the grate, whereas delicate fish require grilling over the foil.

We recommend putting a sheet of foil across the grate to prevent it from sticking and removing any extra moisture from the fish beforehand. Season generously with salt and black pepper, coat both sides with oil, cook over medium heat, and keep an eye on it to prevent it from overcooking! Flip the fish with two spatulas to ensure a perfectly cooked fish — look for opaque flesh that easily flakes. 

2. Poach

Poaching is simple, quick, and fuss-free — and a much healthier alternative to frying.

Begin by tossing your fish in a saucepan with water, aromatics like garlic, ginger, fresh herbs, salt and perhaps some white wine. Ensure there is enough liquid to cover the fish and cook for approximately 10 minutes until the flesh turns opaque. Then remove with a spatula and serve a flavourful, juicy, and delectable seafood meal. 

3. Steam

Steaming is another fat-free way of cooking fish that preserves the fish's natural moisture, resulting in a wonderfully succulent seafood feast. Especially beneficial if you are serving a particularly delicate fish, steaming ensures that nutrients remain inside the fish and are not lost to any surrounding fluid.

Begin by filling a saucepan with a few inches of water and bringing it to a boil. After that, lay a steamer on top of the pan, put your fish inside, cover with a tight-fitting lid to prevent the steam loss, and then lower the heat to a simmer. You can also add white wine, fresh herbs or lemon slices to the water for more flavours.

4. Pan-Fry

Nothing compares to pan-fried fish that is a little crispy on the outside and delightfully tender inside! When frying fish, the most important thing is to avoid overcooking it since it will cook quickly.

First, marinate your fish for around five minutes in a bowl of whisked egg or milk before dusting with seasoned flour. Then, heat the oil in a frying pan. Ensure that the fillet skin is scored to allow for maximum flavour absorption. We find that lean fish is best pan-fried, while oilier varieties such as salmon can become greasy during the cooking process. Pan-fry for approximately three minutes on each side before turning. When the flesh turns white and easily flakes, it is done!

5. Bake

You cannot go wrong with baked fish for a quick and nutritious meal. Whichever cut of fish you choose — whether fillets, steaks, or a whole fish — this method requires less prep work, which is always a good thing!

If you are preparing frozen fish, make sure it is fully defrosted before proceeding. Place the seasoned fish in a baking dish coated with a little butter or oil. You will want to set it on a bed of veggies to keep it from sticking to the dish (this will also add flavour to the fish). Preheat your oven, squeeze lime juice over the baking dish, cover, and place on the centre shelf. With fish, the rule of thumb is that it should be baked for around 10 minutes for every inch of thickness and should be turned halfway through. Using a fork and gently turning the fish, check to see whether it is cooked — if it is flaky and falling apart, it is ready to eat!

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