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Six Delectable Lobster Recipes – Seafood Delivery London

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Lobster is widely recognised as a luxurious delicacy, available only at the most upscale restaurants in the UK. Although this was certainly the case many years ago, this maritime meal has become considerably more affordable and accessible today — you can even order your seafood delivery London area based. The lower cost and increased accessibility have resulted in a huge variety of recipes using the delectable crustacean.

Are you looking for a new way to introduce lobster into your menu? These six delectable lobster recipes should help you get inspired: 

  1. Grilled lobster: Grilling the lobster is a great way to keep the lobster meat sweet and tender while also making it extra crisp. This recipe features spicy aromatic garlic herb butter that highlights the lobster and enriches its flavour profile. This impressive lobster dish is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your menu.
  2. Lobster Thermidor: Lobster Thermidor is a French dish that dates back to 1891 but remains one of the most popular lobster recipes in the UK. This dish, which typically consists of lobster meat, egg yolks, cognac or brandy, and mustard, is excellent for an indulgent addition to any menu. This dish also comes with a side of chips — since if you are going to indulge yourself, why not go all out?
  3. Broiled lobster tails: This fancy and classy broiled lobster tails recipe is a simple yet effective way to create a flavourful feast. What’s more? It is ready in under 20 minutes! Paired with garlic butter and white wine sauce, this savoury meal is the perfect special occasion dinner.
  4. Lobster linguine: Introduce some lovely lobster to your pasta meal to make it more appetising. This recipe focuses on creating a truly delectable lobster dish in the most simple yet flavourful way possible. The beauty of a simple recipe like this is that it allows you plenty of room for your tweaks — so you can truly make this dish your own.
  5. Poached Lobster: When cooking your lobster, using the poaching method is an easy way to ensure that it is succulent. This allows the lobster to absorb the flavours of the herbs and spices with which it is cooked. This dish calls for saffron-fennel butter, which adds a unique twist to the flavour profile of your lobster.
  6. Butter Lobster Risotto: Lobster can be a delectable addition to an already appetising risotto recipe, transforming it from a hearty and nostalgic dish to something more elegant and delicious. This special occasion-worthy recipe uses as much of the lobster as possible (including the shells!), creamy and cheesy risotto, and brandy/ dry white wine/ cognac.

Fresh Seafood Delivery in Grimsby

If these recipes have piqued your interest and you are now looking for fresh lobsters in Grimsby to include in your menu, Seafood Direct is the company to call. Click here to view our wonderful selection of fresh lobsters! If you have any questions about our seafood products or want a custom seafood box for a special occasion, please call us at 01472 566000 or write to us at  Seafood delivery London  areas also available.

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