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Our journey of bringing seafood from ocean to doorstep

Welcome to Seafood Direct, where passion for the ocean meets over 45 years of industry expertise. What began as a successful family-run business in Grimsby has evolved into an internet-based shop and delivery service, dedicated to bringing the finest seafood straight to your doorstep.

We're committed to quality and sustainability. With extensive experience in every facet of the seafood industry, we're proud to offer a carefully curated selection of premium frozen seafood sourced responsibly from around the globe. From the pristine waters to your home, pub, or restaurant, we ensure that only the freshest catches grace your table.

The seafood direct difference

At Seafood Direct, our core values shine through in every aspect of our business. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent product choice at realistic prices, coupled with next-day delivery and low minimum spend. Our dedication to great customer service ensures that every interaction is met with professionalism and care.

As a testament to our founder's 50+ years in the seafood industry, we bring unparalleled knowledge and expertise to every order. Whether it's importing, exporting, processing sales, or technical support, you can trust that we have the insight to guide you towards the perfect seafood selection.

So, join us on this culinary journey and experience the difference with Seafood Direct. Explore our product pages, discover your favorites, and rest assured that we're here to cater to your every seafood need.

Our Core Values:

  1. Quality: strive to provide only the freshest and highest-quality seafood products to our customers, ensuring every purchase meets or exceeds their expectations.
  2. Sustainability: commit to responsible sourcing practices that protect marine ecosystems and promote the long-term health of fish populations, supporting sustainable fishing methods and certifications.
  3. Transparency: foster trust and transparency by openly sharing information about our seafood sourcing, including origins, fishing methods, and any certifications or sustainability standards.
  4. Customer satisfaction: dedicate ourselves to delivering exceptional customer service, listening to feedback, and continuously improving our products and processes to meet the needs and preferences of our customers.
  5. Community engagement: actively engage with our local community and industry partners, supporting initiatives that promote sustainable fishing practices, environmental conservation, and seafood education.
  6. Ethical practices: conduct business with integrity, honesty, and fairness, treating our employees, suppliers, and customers with respect and dignity.
  7. Innovation: embrace innovation and technology to enhance our operations, improve efficiency, and offer innovative products and services that enrich the customer experience.
  8. Health & safety: prioritise the health & safety of our customers and employees, adhering to strict hygiene and food safety standards to ensure the quality and integrity of our seafood products.
  9. Accessibility: strive to make high-quality seafood accessible to all consumers, offering a diverse range of products at fair and competitive prices, with options for delivery and convenient online shopping experiences.
  10. Continuous Improvement: commit to ongoing learning and improvement, seeking new ways to reduce our environmental footprint, increase efficiency, and contribute positively to the communities we serve.

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