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Why add Smoked Salmon to Your Diet? - Online Seafood Delivery

Everyone knows that smoked salmon is a delightful addition to any meal, but did you know about all of the other advantages of this wonderful fish? Whether smoked salmon is hot or cold smoked or even cured, the nutrients present therein are essential to the human body—no wonder salmon is one of the most popular fish in the U.K. Why not try adding smoked salmon to your online seafood delivery.

Thanks to its Omega-3 properties, smoked salmon has been shown in studies to help combat coronary heart disease, also called ‘CAD’ or ‘atherosclerotic heart disease’. Omega-3 oils can also lower blood lipids, relax major arteries and other blood vessels, and reduce blood clots as well as inflammatory reactions in blood vessels. In addition to lowering the risk of coronary heart disease, smoked salmon can help those with asthma or ‘bronchial asthma’, psoriasis, certain cancers, and arthritis or ‘joint inflammation.’

Smoked salmon is also rich in Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E has been shown to defend against certain types of cancer as well as minimise or prevent the risk of cardiovascular disorders.

For those of you who are managing your weight, most smoked salmon varieties are also low in carbs—in fact, some forms of smoked salmon contain no carbohydrates at all. This means that a nutritious diet rich in smoked salmon can also help with weight loss, which (again) is a great way to lower your CAD risk. So, the next time you evaluate your diet and/or your general health, remember that smoked salmon is an excellent way to protect yourself against some serious health risks such as CAD.

Smoked salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

There is no easier or more enjoyable way to get your Omega-3s than by eating smoked salmon. Several studies have demonstrated that omega-3 fatty acids significantly lower the risk of sudden death and arrhythmia or ‘irregular heartbeat’. Omega-3 also helps to prevent CAD by decreasing triglycerides and preventing blood clotting.

The Takeaway

Smoked salmon is one of the best seafood options available for adding much-needed nutrients to your diet. It is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids. These miraculous minerals are known to aid in the prevention of blood clots as well as the promotion of a healthy, steady heart rhythm. Smoked salmon not only has a cornucopia of health benefits, but it is also incredibly flavourful. It can be added to almost any meal, including salads and soups.

Seafood Direct can help you get on the road to better health and lower your risk of contracting several life-changing medical conditions. Our online fish store makes it easy to order fresh smoked salmon in the U.K. So when will you begin to reap the health advantages of including smoked salmon in your diet? To browse our fine selection of mouth-watering smoked salmon, please stop by our website today! Do you have any questions about our online seafood delivery service? Call us at 01472 566000 or write to us at One of our representatives will get back to you shortly!

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