When Is Frozen Better Than Fresh?

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At Seafood Direct, we offer both fresh and frozen fish delivery in the UK — but mostly frozen. Why is this the case? Well, nothing beats a freshly caught fish. However, with many Brits having no direct access to a fresh catch, frozen fish is the best alternative. From Shore to Door The journey of a fresh fish from when it is caught at sea to when it is finally distributed can take many days. This means that a fresh fish could be several days old by the time it is available for purchase at your local seafood market. Frozen...

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Facts About Fish and Chips You Should Know

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Fish and chips are a classic teatime treat, a family favourite here in the U.K. In this blog, we will explore some facts about the nation's favourite paper parcels of joy that you might not have known about. They have an interesting backstory. Lancashire and London are both fighting to claim the origins of fish and chips. On the one hand, the first official fish and chip shop is believed to have opened in Mossley, Greater Manchester, in 1863. However, 24 years before that, Charles Dickens mentions a fried fish warehouse in the classic novel Oliver Twist. By 1896, you...

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Your Guide to Pairing Wine With Seafood

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Seafood is well-known for its many health benefits — in fact, the National Health Service (NHS) recommends eating two portions of seafood every week. You cannot go wrong pairing parmesan-crusted baked fish fillets or a creamy shellfish platter with a glass of wine, but you should not take a “one bottle fits all” approach. Before you order seafood online in the U.K., check out our guide to wine and seafood pairings for a nudge in the right direction. Some Pairing Rules to Keep in Mind White wines are often preferred with seafood, though lighter reds and sparkling wines can also...

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Which Type of Prawn Should You Buy?

Seafood seafood delivery in London seafood direct seafood home delivery seafood wholesalers in the UK

Do you want to add more prawns to your diet this year? Excellent decision! Prawns are both healthy and delicious. But which type of prawn should you buy? With over 45 years in the industry, Seafood Direct can advise you on the best type of prawn for your needs. The last thing you want is to spend money on a cooked prawn just to ruin it by overheating. We get calls from customers who have done just that in the past, so here's some information that might come in handy! Seafood Direct offers a wide selection of prawns. When you...

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Our Favourite Seafood Recipes for Holiday Get-Togethers

The Holiday season is here. After missing out on last year's festivities, we are looking forward to celebrating like pescatarians once more and sharing some delectable seafood with family and friends! If you are hosting a Holiday party this month, keep reading for scrumptious seafood recipes that will make your get-togethers both delicious and unforgettable. These recipes are everything we want in a holiday menu — festive and flavourful. Plus, many of these recipes can be bought easily from one of the many reputed seafood wholesalers in the UK like Seafood Direct and prepared quickly (or even ahead of time!)...

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