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Great Grimsby Fish Pie

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Fillets of Salmon and Haddock with North Atlantic
Prawns in a creamy cheese, wine, mustard, Garlic &
Parsley sauce. Topped with crushed Lincolnshire
potatoes and a sprinkle of Cheddar cheese.



Potato, Water, Single cream (milk), Smoked haddock (Melanogrammus
aeglefinus) (fish) (haddock, salt, smoke) (8%), Salmon (Salmo salar) (fish)
(7%), Cod (Gadus morhua) (fish) (7%), Cheddar cheese (milk), Prawns
(Pandalus borealis) (crustacean) (3%), Sauce blanche powder (Modified
Maize Starch, Skimmed Milk Powder, Fat Powder (Non-Hydrogenated Palm
Oil, Maltodextrin, Milk Protein), Salt, Whole Milk Powder, Vegetable Bouillon
(Sea Salt, Potato Starch, Yeast Extract, Palm Fat, Vegetables (Celery, Onion,
Parsley), Maltodextrin, Sugar, Herbs And Spices (Celery Seed, Turmeric,
Pepper, Garlic, Mace, Lovage, Nutmeg)), Onion Powder, White Pepper,
Spice And Herb Extracts (Celery Extract, Marjoram Extract, Sage Extract,

Thyme Extract, Basil Extract, Rosemary Extract)), White wine (De-
Alcoholised White Wine, White Wine, Salt, Preservative Sulphur Dioxide),

Onion, English mustard (Water, Mustard Flour, Sugar, Salt, Wheat (gluten
removed) Flour, Acidity Regulator Citric Acid, Rapeseed Oil, Turmeric,
Stabiliser Xanthan Gum, Flavouring, Colour Lutein, Antioxidant(Ascorbic
Acid), Garlic, Tarragon, Salt, Pepper.

Full of Fish and Seafood, High Quality Crushed Lincolnshire potato Topping.

Cooking Instructions:

From Frozen - Oven Bake in foil at 200c/400f Gas Mark 6 for 40-45 minutes.

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