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Natural Smoked Haddock I.Q.F - Seafood Direct UK
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Natural Smoked Grimsby Haddock I.Q.F

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Natural Smoked Haddock

We have done the work to serve your taste buds. Enjoy the scrumptious, delicious and fine quality, all-natural smoked haddock and make meal times fun and memorable. Amp up your protein intake with this tasty and delicious smoked haddock that is nothing but a top-notch add-on to your diet.

A Kilo bag contains 5-6 fillets each one containing 6-7 oz of smoked awesomeness. We bet you won’t have tasted a smoked haddock as delicious as this one here. Wither poach them, grill or bake them and put together a quick meal in less than half of the time than normal.


Haddock  (Melanogramus Aeglefinus )

6-7oz Fillets

5 to 6 Fillets in a Kilo bag

Ingredients    FISH , Haddock 98% , salt

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