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The Importance of Sustainable Fishing

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Fish sustainability is one of those things that are generally not brought up in the UK. Still, it is a crucial topic — all the more so in areas with sensitive ecosystems or that rely on fish as part of their local economy. To put it simply, the idea of fish sustainability is to carefully study a native local fish population and ensure that the correct balance is struck between using fish for economic gains that benefit the local area and not harvesting so many that the ecosystem is decimated. Any economic impact would also be catastrophic for the economy since a fish species will no longer be able to provide any value to inhabitants in that area once it is gone.

Despite popular belief, fish sustainability does not always pertain to the natural world. This is of great importance to us at Seafood Direct, and we are always looking for new ways to achieve sustainability in our online fish delivery services. This is also one of the reasons that fish farms have become popular for many fish species that can thrive in that type of environment. For commercially popular fish species in the UK, this can be a means to fulfil the high demand of a market that needs a lot more than the natural environment can provide.

As you can see, such a balancing act can help to at least reduce the strains on a natural fish population and keep demand from becoming overwhelming. Though it is not a perfect solution, as certain species seem to fare considerably better in the wild than farmed, it does provide at least a solid basis for addressing the problem.

One of the most important reasons that a combination of stringent environmental regulations and aquaculture is vital is that demand tends to exceed natural supply with a large amount of fish. This does not even take into consideration the fact that we now have the potential to mass harvest fish on a scale never before possible — thanks to advances in modern technology. As a matter of fact, seafood can be harvested to the point of extinction considerably faster than many people realise.

Because of these realities, the subject of seafood sustainability is essential. Removing entire fish populations from an ecosystem is never a good idea since it will have an impact on everything in that area. Furthermore, any area that is economically dependent on a fish population will fail.

This is why farming can only ever be part of the solution, and strict environmental restrictions must work in tandem with natural regulations to provide a truly long-term sustainable approach. At Seafood Direct, we only sell fish caught sustainably. 

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