Four Reasons Why Fish is a Great Bodybuilding Food

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When it comes to the "best" bodybuilding foods in the UK, chicken and beef are often ranked higher than fish. Aside from canned tuna, the protein found in fish is not as highly regarded as that found in other types of meat. However, we believe that seafood should be given its due because it helps build muscle and is also a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can pick from almost fat-free fillets like flounder and sole or higher-fat variants like salmon — few foods on the planet are as rich in omega-3 fatty acids as salmon.

We are not arguing that chicken and beef should not be included in your bodybuilding diet plan — they absolutely should — but fish should also play a part because it has some advantages over other protein sources. Here are five reasons why seafood should be a regular diet component.

Fish is lean.

When dieting to lose body fat, you must strike a balance between lowering overall calories, reducing fats and carbs, and increasing protein intake. Lean fish should be a constant in your diet since it fits all of these objectives. When weight reduction stalls on a diet, fish is a great food to turn to. Before you scale back on carbs even more when you hit a plateau, consider substituting a large portion of your dietary protein (which naturally contains fat) with lean varieties of fish. Most lean cuts of meat have more fat than lean fish — so you will be able to consume the same amount of protein while consuming fewer calories. This will allow you to keep carbs at a reasonably low consumption level while not feeling depleted.

Fish is high in healthy fats.

It is no surprise that dietary fat is the most fattening of all the calories and carbs, protein, and dietary fat sources. This is attributable to the fact that fat is more efficiently stored as body fat than carbohydrates or protein. There is one exception — healthy fats like those found in fish. The healthy fats found in fish and omega-3 fatty acids are less likely to be stored as body fat than fats found in chicken legs, beef, egg yolks, or vegetable oil.   

Fish has high mineral content.

Most types of fish are high in selenium and iodine — two minerals that boost your metabolism. Iodine is needed to produce thyroid, the master gland responsible for calorie burning and metabolism. A healthy thyroid gland also leads to a healthy immune system, which is especially crucial when dieting or training heavy.

Fish is easy to digest.

One downside of dieting is the risk of losing important muscle mass and gaining undesired body fat. The solution is to consume extra protein while on a weight-loss regimen. Instead of burning muscle mass, additional protein tricks the body into burning the excess protein for fuel. However, as protein consumes a larger percentage of calories, the body may have trouble digesting it. This is when fish comes into play. In terms of "texture," fish is softer and breaks up more easily than "denser" proteins like chicken breast, turkey breast, and lean cuts of beef, making it easier to digest. Because lean fish is a fast-digesting source of protein, it is also a fantastic pre-or post-workout meal.

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