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Should You Add Prawns to Your Weight-Loss Diet?

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Prawns are exclusively found in freshwater and tend to be larger and meatier than regular shrimp. Prawns have gained popularity among health aficionados due to their numerous nutritional properties. They are very high in omega-3s, which are good for the heart. They are also an excellent snack and can even be served as a main course when paired with boiled or stir-fried veggies. Prawns are high in protein and extremely low in calories, making them an excellent addition to any weight-loss diet. Why buy king prawns? Prawns are an excellent source of protein, vitamin B3, vitamin D, and zinc. They...

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Top 4 Grab-and-Go Seafood Dishes You Should Have on Your Menu

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Although the pandemic is still raging, restaurants, pubs, bars, and cafés in the UK are actively working to ensure that they can continue to serve delectable food to customers through takeout or delivery. Many restaurants, however, may find that their menus are not as easy to translate into a takeout form as they had assumed. Seafood Direct are one of the leading seafood wholesaler in the UK. Are you looking for new seafood takeout ideas to satisfy your customers’ seafood cravings? Check out these grab-and-go seafood recipes you can have on your restaurant menu: Seafood Paella (Paella de Marisco): A...

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Five of Our Favourite Ways to Cook Fish

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There are dozens of ways to cook and enjoy seafood. In this blog, we have put together five of our favourite ways that ensure delicious results! 1. Grill We love grilling fish because you can prepare it in any way you like! Your goal is to get a nicely charred exterior that preserves the fish's succulent texture inside. Fatty fish, such as salmon and halibut, can be grilled right on the grate, whereas delicate fish require grilling over the foil. We recommend putting a sheet of foil across the grate to prevent it from sticking and removing any extra moisture...

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What are the Healthiest Seafood Options?

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Seafood is a healthy and straightforward way to supplement your diet with essential vitamins and minerals, and they provide an excellent high-protein substitute for red meat and chicken. The National Health Service (NHS) recommends that adults consume at least two portions of fish once a week — one of which should be oily fish. Oily fish, such as salmon and mackerel, are high in essential omega-3 fatty acids vital for brain and mental health. While there is rising concern about seafood sustainability, there are still some healthy alternatives to buying wild seafood. Check out the top nutritious seafood options to...

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Your Guide to Pairing Wine With Seafood

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Seafood is well-known for its many health benefits — in fact, the National Health Service (NHS) recommends eating two portions of seafood every week. You cannot go wrong pairing parmesan-crusted baked fish fillets or a creamy shellfish platter with a glass of wine, but you should not take a “one bottle fits all” approach. Before you order seafood online in the U.K., check out our guide to wine and seafood pairings for a nudge in the right direction. Some Pairing Rules to Keep in Mind White wines are often preferred with seafood, though lighter reds and sparkling wines can also...

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