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Seafood, you can try to lose weight!

Seafood seafood direct wholesale seafood

Yes, you read it right. Seafood can help you manage your weight or even help you lower it if needed. 

Fish is one of the most loved and familiar seafood you would notice. Because of its high-protein content, omega-3 fatty acid, and vitamins, you can expect perfectly cooked fish as your best diet to reduce weight. But you can not go with any fish!

In this article, let's try to explore seafood (and some fish) that will help you manage your weight and be internally healthy!

1) Pacific Cod

You must understand that chips or any fish won't help you reduce your weight. But pacific cod can help you do so! 

Pacific cod, the fish typical of fish sticks- is the healthiest one to eat! Many studies have come out with surprising results in this field, and they suggest that having 4-5 services of pacific cod every week can help you lose weight. Therefore, cod is considered a suitable low-calorie diet for good health and weight management. 

The high protein content and amino acid profile in cod also help regulate the metabolism. Thus, a healthy gut.

2) Oysters

Oysters are also one of the best seafood you can try to control your weight. It is also one of the excellent sources of zinc, which helps regulate appetite with other hormones' help. Many studies indicate that overweight people tend to have higher values or levels of leptin and low zinc than those with balanced weight or lean!

Additionally, zinc helps manage blood pressure, glucose, and LDL cholesterol. 

It should not surprise you that a half dozen orders will give you only 40-43 calories, which is pretty low. But the same amount of oysters will provide approx. 20-21% of your recommended daily need for iron! And, if you are not balanced with iron in your body, it can disturb your internal system. And, thus, may cause poor weight management.

So, let's order some fresh oysters today from nearby Seafood suppliers

3) Wild Salmon

Wild salmon tastes good and helps you prepare a balanced diet. We know it has relatively high calorific value and fat content- but this should not confuse or fool you! 

Instead of these figures, look at the fact that salmon help you manage the lower fasting insulin levels and reduce inflammation- which is good for your health and healthy stomach.

4) Light Canned Tuna

Some people also love tuna! And, if you are among them- there is no harm in trying canned chunk light tuna harvested from the smallest fish. Such tuna fish are considered low in mercury, and it is a prime source of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). 

Because of DHA and other good characteristics, canned light tuna comes in the category of healthiest fish to eat. And, hence suitable for your belly!

Let's Summarise!

In this article, we tried to bring just a few fish (or seafood) to the table that you can try for a healthy gut and weight loss! 

But, this list doesn't end here. You can consult experts like "Seafood Direct" in the UK to learn more, as they have been in the seafood business for approximately 45 years and has a brand value in retail and whole seafood suppliers.

So, feeling hungry or want to try some healthy seafood today? Order fresh fish or your choice of seafood from their website or call 01472 566000.

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