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How to Perfectly Cook Lobster Tail?

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Many Brits order lobster tails regularly since it is "fancy and difficult to cook at home." The fact is that cooking lobster tails at home is quick and straightforward — and oh so delicious! You can order lobster tails through our fish delivery UK service

The most common mistake that amateur cooks make while making lobster at home is overcooking the poor lobster tail to death, resulting in tough, rubbery, and unpleasant meat texture and flavour. There are three main methods of cooking lobster tails that — when carefully followed — will result in a wonderful, tender, and delightful experience every time!

  • Steaming: Steaming is the most common method of preparing lobster tails in the UK. Steaming uses a gentler heat and cooking method, resulting in much more tender lobster tail meat while still cooking the tail to the desired consistency. Using a pair of good quality kitchen scissors, cut the top of the lobster tail from the head end to the tail end — be careful not to cut into the tender meat underneath the shell. This will help steam penetrate and allow for faster cooking. Place the lobster tails in the bamboo steamer, shut the lid, and steam until the flesh is opaque and white — or an instant read thermometer registers around 60°C.
  • Baking: Lay the lobster tails on a rimmed baking pan lined with heavy-duty aluminium foil (for easy cleanup) and cut the top of the shell as described above — being careful not to cut the lobster flesh when making the cut. Spread the shell open about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch to expose the flesh beneath. Brush the lobster tails with drawn butter, season with chopped garlic and herbs if desired, and roast in an oven for about 12 to 15 minutes. "But what about how to broil lobster tail?". The answer is a plain and unequivocal NO. Broiling is a high-heat cooking method that can instantly turn lobster tail meat from tender and tasty to dried out rubbery texture in a matter of minutes.
  • BBQ grilled: There is something to be said about the flavour that a BBQ grill adds to food. However, it is also a quick way to overcook these delicate crustaceans. So now is not the time to leave the grill and search for another tall frosty beverage. To grill a lobster tail, just cut a slice in the shell using kitchen scissors as previously described. Run a bamboo skewer through the centre of the lobster tail to keep it from curling while grilling — if you do not have a skewer, use a stainless steel teaspoon handle instead. When grilling lobster tails, always use the thermometer temperature test method, aiming for a temperature of no more than 60°C. To limit the risk of overcooking, we recommend grilling lobster tails over indirect fire.

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