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Can You Freeze Fresh (or Raw) and Cooked Prawns?

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A seafood lover's diet will almost always include prawns. Prawns are an excellent addition to salads, curries, and pasta recipes. They are also quite versatile, rich in nutrients, and high in protein. You can buy prawns in many varieties, including fresh, cooked, shelled, and unshelled. Is it possible to freeze prawns at home, or is this something that you should avoid? When buying fresh prawns in the UK, you should either consume them right away or freeze them as soon as possible. This is mostly because you do not know exactly how recently they were caught — unless you caught...

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5 Types of Seafood That Should Be a Regular Part of Your Diet

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Brits concerned about their health are always on the lookout for foods that taste amazing but are low in calories. If you also find yourself in the same boat, then here is a list of the five delicious types of seafood that are packed with a high amount of protein and other nutrients and elements essential for the body. You can cook them in any manner you choose and savour every bite of them. This list of exotic seafood can perfectly satisfy your desires if you are looking for better natural ways to get healthier skin and a fit body:...

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Six Delectable Lobster Recipes – Seafood Delivery London

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Lobster is widely recognised as a luxurious delicacy, available only at the most upscale restaurants in the UK. Although this was certainly the case many years ago, this maritime meal has become considerably more affordable and accessible today — you can even order your seafood delivery London area based. The lower cost and increased accessibility have resulted in a huge variety of recipes using the delectable crustacean. Are you looking for a new way to introduce lobster into your menu? These six delectable lobster recipes should help you get inspired:  Grilled lobster: Grilling the lobster is a great way to...

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What are the Healthiest Seafood Options?

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Seafood is a healthy and straightforward way to supplement your diet with essential vitamins and minerals, and they provide an excellent high-protein substitute for red meat and chicken. The National Health Service (NHS) recommends that adults consume at least two portions of fish once a week — one of which should be oily fish. Oily fish, such as salmon and mackerel, are high in essential omega-3 fatty acids vital for brain and mental health. While there is rising concern about seafood sustainability, there are still some healthy alternatives to buying wild seafood. Check out the top nutritious seafood options to...

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Your Guide to Pairing Wine With Seafood

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Seafood is well-known for its many health benefits — in fact, the National Health Service (NHS) recommends eating two portions of seafood every week. You cannot go wrong pairing parmesan-crusted baked fish fillets or a creamy shellfish platter with a glass of wine, but you should not take a “one bottle fits all” approach. Before you order seafood online in the U.K., check out our guide to wine and seafood pairings for a nudge in the right direction. Some Pairing Rules to Keep in Mind White wines are often preferred with seafood, though lighter reds and sparkling wines can also...

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