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5 Types of Seafood That Should Be a Regular Part of Your Diet

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Brits concerned about their health are always on the lookout for foods that taste amazing but are low in calories. If you also find yourself in the same boat, then here is a list of the five delicious types of seafood that are packed with a high amount of protein and other nutrients and elements essential for the body. You can cook them in any manner you choose and savour every bite of them.

This list of exotic seafood can perfectly satisfy your desires if you are looking for better natural ways to get healthier skin and a fit body:

  1. Salmon: Nutritionally rich and dubbed a 'superfood,' oily fish like salmon make an excellent addition to a balanced diet. Salmon is one of the most popular fish amongst Brits and is considered a great source of vitamin D, protein, and other essential elements. Whether the salmon comes from the wild or farms, each serving of either type can have up to 1,200 international units of vitamin D. Be sure to check out our sustainably farmed salmon collections by clicking here.
  2. Crabs: Most Brits are aware of the essentialities and importance of crabs, but did you know that they are also rich in vitamin D? Yes — the 90% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D in only one crab tail serves our bodies with wonderful nutrients. However, keep in mind that too much of anything is bad, so you need to be sure that you only take it in the limited amount required to meet your body's needs. Be sure to check out our sustainably farmed crabs collections by clicking here.
  3. Oysters: Oysters are a kind of clam that like to inhabit saltwater habitats. Though they give off the impression of being a tasteless seafood product, not only are they low in calories, but they are also loaded with various nutrients. Oysters provide around 80 calories and more than 300 international units of vitamin D per single 100-gram serving. 
  4. Shrimp: Shrimp is the most popular shellfish in the UK — and for good reasons. In contrast to other types of seafood, it has a meagre amount of fat and high Vitamin D content. Additionally, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Each serving contains around 150 mg of cholesterol and 152 international units of vitamin D.
  5. Sea bass: The sea bass is widely considered one of the most popular and important types of seafood in the UK. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and several other nutrients necessary for good health. Check out this sustainably farmed sea bass.

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