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5 Seafood You Should Not Miss To Eat!

Some people love to visit a tried-and-known seafood restaurant to enjoy their favourite dish, while some prefer to go for something new every time they see a restaurant! And, of course, there is nothing wrong with trying something new because it offers you different experiments and tastes!

In this blog, we talk about 5 Seafood You Should Not Miss To Eat this season!

#1- Osetra caviar

It is one of the great, entry-level sorts of caviar that tastes super delicious. Even if the idea of eating fish eggs stops you from trying it- Osetra Caviar is something every foodie should try. It has got a texture which is usually more on the firm side.

Additionally, you can have Osetra Caviar and enjoy it with no special knowledge and for a fairly reasonable price compared to other types. It can be super affordable when ordered online rather than paying a premium in some restaurant! So, do not wait any more; just get it, and have something new to taste!

#2- Real Maine lobster

Maine Lobster is something you can say you have not tried before! And this is because of the environment in which they are raised! These are grown in the water off the coast (of Maine) and are technically the same species as others lobster. However, their meat tastes sweeter and more tender than lobster raised in the other water bodies.

Additionally, their shell is softer than their Canadian counterparts, and when ordered by the pound, you will get more meat from them. 

Finally, you should know that Maine lobsters are strictly regulated to ensure their protection and continued survival as a species.

#3- Swordfish Steak

If you need seafood which can give you a taste of eating fish and meat- Swordfish Steak is something you can try! It offers you texture like meat yet delivers all the health benefits of eating fish!

Of course, you know that Swordfish is sold in steaks (or steak form); hence, anyone on the fence about fish can have it!

#4- Salmon from Ireland

If you want to taste & experience some of the best Salmon in the world- go for Salmon from Ireland. You'd love it.

Most rivers (there) can find Salmon between spring and autumn. This is because they are native to this country. You can get both Farmed and Wild Salmon in Ireland, and both taste superb. In Ireland, Salmon farms are set up on the west side (coast), and these farms face extreme tides (or Tidal Currents). That means the fish constantly swim against the current, similar to how the wild Salmon are raised. So, you can try them is not tried before!

#5- Uni

Seeing this on the menu might give you a pause- but Uni is something you must give a try to it if you have not tried it before! You can usually find them in Sushi restaurants and especially grocers. Additionally, they are harvested by hand by well-trained divers. In some locations, Uni is served with wine and regular food for better taste.


The list doesn't end here. You can also try Sea cucumbers, Blue crab, Arbroath Smokies, etc. And, if you are looking for Seafood Wholesalers UK, call 01472 566000 to Seafood Direct. They are one of the well-known seafood wholesalers UK that offer fresh and superb seafood to retail, wholesale, and online clients. 

You can visit their website to explore a wide variety of seafood and order them at your home! So, what are you waiting for?- call now for the fresh seafood!

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