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Fun Ways To Get More Seafood In Your Diet

Eating seafood is an excellent way to meet your goals for better health, more delicious meals, and personal wellbeing. But how can you increase your daily or weekly seafood consumption? How do you eat your favourite meals while still incorporating seafood into your diet? Here are five easy ways to switch to a pescatarian diet!

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1. Swap Your Savoury Burger With Your Favourite Fish

Using seafood instead of chicken or beef adds a fun and nutritious twist to one of the UK’s favourite fast foods. How do you do it? Easy. Just swap your typical patty protein with salmon, tuna, prawns, haddock, cod, crab, or other seafood. Seafood burgers have less saturated fat and more heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids — plus they are so very delicious! Serve your friends or family some juicy garlic-herb salmon sliders and watch them get hooked with seafood burgers.

2. Bacon Fans Love Smoked Salmon

Swap bacon with smoked salmon to satisfy your morning salt craving, which is just as delicious but far healthier! You can use smoked salmon over bacon when making eggs, toast, or sandwiches. Kickstart your day with this nutritional breakfast bowl and get all the protein you need — and a lot less of the saturated fat you don’t.

3. Craving A Spicy Sandwich? Go For Crabs

Something sandwiched between two slices of bread is a typical midday meal in the UK — make that “something” seafood. Crab salads are on the menu! Crabs are great as they are high in lean protein and immune-boosting antioxidants, making them a superior choice for lowering saturated fat and sodium. In a fun and hearty crab salad, the naturally sweet crab meat can be balanced with tangy artichokes, creamy avocado, and plenty of crunchy vegetables. 

4. Add Prawns In The “Dip” Mix

Take your love for digging into savoury dips up a notch with a seafood dip. Add a pescatarian protein from your pantry or freezer to complement any meal on the table. For example, you can add protein to your bubbling baked spinach artichoke dip and enhance its flavour profile by simply tossing in some king prawns.

5. Tuna Is For You If You Are A Grilling Gourmand

Try some tuna the next time you are grilling shish kabobs, and prepare to be amazed! The grill gives the tuna steak that delicious sear and texture. Mediterranean tuna skewers laced with a garlic-herb marinade can give your pescatarian dish a hearty umami flavour and texture. You will be hooked once you try!

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