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Our Favourite Seafood Recipes for Holiday Get-Togethers

The Holiday season is here. After missing out on last year's festivities, we are looking forward to celebrating like pescatarians once more and sharing some delectable seafood with family and friends!

If you are hosting a Holiday party this month, keep reading for scrumptious seafood recipes that will make your get-togethers both delicious and unforgettable. These recipes are everything we want in a holiday menu — festive and flavourful. Plus, many of these recipes can be bought easily from one of the many reputed seafood wholesalers in the UK like Seafood Direct and prepared quickly (or even ahead of time!) so you can spend as much time with your guests as possible. 


If you are hosting a holiday brunch, we have two awesome recipes for you: crabby egg muffins and smoked salmon and bagel breakfast casserole. Crabby egg muffins are a delicious and healthy party food filled with cheese, crab, and aromatic veggies. They are also fantastic as a grab-and-go breakfast for guests or as a neighbour gift. The next recipe, smoked salmon and bagel breakfast casserole, will be gone from your brunch buffet in no time. Prepare the night before and put it in the oven about an hour before your guests arrive.


We love the tuna salad dip with chips or baguette slices for a light midday bite. This crunchy meal is perfect for unexpected guests or as a healthy anytime snack! The best part? You can whip up this delicious tuna dip in less than 10 minutes.


A sizzling bowl of cod and potato soup spiced with jalapeño and poblano peppers will warm you up on a chilly December afternoon! While the recipe calls for cod, it will work just as well with any fresh or frozen fish you have on hand! This holiday-ready soup is delicious and is perfect for a quick family meal or to serve potluck-style.


The pescatarian party really gets going once the sun goes down! For the ultimate holiday indulgence, serve your guests cheesy, char-grilled honey parmesan oysters with a glass of champagne. Or, dazzle your guests with a Christmas shrimp wreath topped with homemade cocktail sauce. 


If you are throwing an elegant dinner party, creamy scallop spaghetti is the way to go! This sea-worthy pasta course or entrée has delectable pan-seared scallops with a zesty white wine-cream sauce. However, if you truly want to spoil your guests, we recommend bringing out the lobster! Broiling lobster tails is easier than you may assume, and only a few items are required. For a well-rounded meal, serve with buttery mashed cauliflower and roasted broccoli with parmesan.

Serving seafood this time of the year is a no-brainer because it is super easy to make, adds a special touch to any get-together, and provides the essential nutrients we need to get through this exciting season. As the holidays draw near, you will be glad to have these party-ready recipes on hand!

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