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Seafood You Should Try This July!


People love to eat Seafood because it has sufficient protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential food compounds required for sound health. And when cooked perfectly, nothing can match its finger-licking taste.

In addition, some seafood variety helps you reduce weight and create a perfectly toned body. For example, some people are allergic to shellfish, even though they love to have it on their plate because it has (mostly) protein, water, and minimum calories. Similarly, you can eat shrimp to lose weight as they also possess fewer calories! 

The exciting thing about Seafood is that you can cook them in many ways like; grilled, fried, cooked, or even try them raw with sauce. So, let's find out some Seafood you can try in July!


Crab is one of the most common, popular, and signature shellfish among beachgoers, and hence Crabs are always emphasized on most restaurant menus!

Generally, Crabs are directly supplied to Seafood Wholesale markets or local businesses like restaurants and hotels, thus making them fresher for better taste. You can try the same Seafood as steamed, salt-roasted, tamarind-roasted, salad, soup, stew, and other crab-based delicious cuisines. You can even prepare them on occasion or gift them to friends and family!


This Seafood is abundant in regions like Vietnam because of the ideal climatic conditions.

The Squid season runs from March to May- hence they are readily available in upcoming months with superior varieties and one of the best-flavoured Seafood.

Among the Squid species, you can try Calamari, Large Fin Reef Squid (used in Gourmet dishes), Squid Eggs, etc. You can easily search for them in your seafood wholesale market and try their different varieties.

Swordfish Fillet

It is a perfect choice for those on the fence about trying fish and want to be more mindful of their food options as it is entirely fish-free. Although it has a solid meat-like texture, it will undoubtedly satisfy seafood lovers while providing all the health benefits of fish!

Because of over-harvesting in the mid-90s, Swordfish critically suffered, but with the better reassessment of fishing regulation, they are one of the most environmentally friendly fish you can find!

Cod Rice

Cod Rice is one of the most simple and loved Portuguese dishes. For a superb taste, you can try salted Cod with Rice (either basmati or other variety) with onions, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, water, pepper, and some vegetables.

Some people also love trying Cod Rice with cooked red beans, garlic, onions, and olive oil. Cod Rice can be served as a main course or as a side to (Portuguese) fish fillets. And when garnished with the chopped coriander and black olives- nothing matches its taste!

The Final Thoughts

The list does not end here. You can also try Frogmore Stew, Sardines, etc., from your or another region for different tastes and experiences.

And, if you are looking for fresh and healthy Seafood- visit Seafood for unmatched quality and collections of Lobster, Fish, Smoked Fish, Crab, and other (Seafood) items. They have been in this business and offer fresh Seafood to retailers and wholesalers, hotels, restaurants, and other local markets. 

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