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5 Seafood You Should Eat!

wholesale seafood

One of the best things you can enjoy in coastal areas apart from surfing is seafood! Yes, fresh and delicious seafood! You would always find enough varieties of seafood to delight your palate! But be careful with your seafood consumption, especially fish, because of health and sustainability issues. This is because some fish are super high in mercury contained because of water pollution, while other species of fish have been over-harvested, resulting decline in their population. 

That's why, in this blog, we have shared 5 seafood you should eat, keeping these two factors in mind.

#1- Salmon

People in the North American continent love it! Even you can find Salmon in Shushi restaurants as predominantly! It has pink flesh with a distinct flavour and tastes delicious, both raw and cooked. And there is a range of Salmon you can also explore. Just avoid the dated one. 

You can get fresh Salmon from the fishmonger; even the frozen one is also fine. If you have not tried it before- you would love the taste. Apart from taste, it is super sustainable, whether it is from freshwater or farmed. Usually, Salmons are low in mercury and thus safe to eat.

#2- Lobster

Among seafood lovers- Lobster is one of the favourites because of its flavour and scarlet colour once cooked. You can often serve them completely intact, along with tools to help you crack its outer shell and a bib to keep your clothes free of stains. Plus, because of their low mercury level- you can indeed have them without any doubt.

Since Lobsters are eaten around the globe, the fishing industry, especially the Lobster one, has done a fantastic job of ensuring their population is ethically sourced and certified sustainable. 

#3- Pacific Halibut

Among all the whitefish, Pacific Halibut has a super delicate yet firm texture which tastes sweet with mind flavour. You can serve it cooked, baked, grilled, and steamed. This fish is basically found in the Pacific Ocean from California to Nome, Alaska, and till waters of Japan. Like the above two options- Pacific Halibut is also low in mercury that adults can enjoy, and is certified as sustainable. 

But when it comes to Atlantic Halibut, because of its sustainability issue- please avoid them on the table. It will help them to grow and maintain their population. 

#4- Shrimp

Not to mention, Shrimps are super mild in flavour, healthy and easy to prep. Moreover, it has a pleasing texture that is high in protein and low in calories. Thus making it the best choice to include in a weight-loss diet!

Moreover, you can find them in sufficient populations in some regions, for example, the Gulf of Mexico. There you can find them super affordable and in wide varieties.

#5- Scallops

Again, if you want to enjoy a delicious yet delicate flavour with a pleasing texture- Scallops are something you should eat! They are easy to cook (once shucked) as it all takes a quick sear in the hot pan. Just ensure not to overcook as that can happen too. Scallops cost more than Shrimps, which is considerable because of their uniqueness. 

Scallops come as dry and wet, wild and farmed, and both taste good. Also, they are low in mercury; therefore, they are safe to try.

And, if you get a chance to eat Scallops from the Atlantic Ocean- do not miss that opportunity- because they taste outstanding!

The Final Words-

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