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Are you looking for non-fish seafood?- We have got something interesting for you!

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We all know that seafood has sufficient protein, vitamins, and essential minerals for a sound body and brain development and tastes superb. And that's why people love seafood, including those who are allergic to shellfish.

The great thing about seafood is that they mainly consist of protein, water, and almost no calories. Hence, those who want to lose weight- also opt for them in their diet. For example, Shrimp has nearly zero calories, yet it is a good source of protein. Lastly, many/ most types of seafood can be served raw, grilled, boiled, and fried. And if you want to add some taste- just add a little lemon juice or take it with wine!

This time we came up with non-fish food that you can try. So, if you are looking for non-fish seafood?- We have got something interesting for you! Let's start. 

#1- Crab

In our list, Crab is the first non-fish food you can try or might have tried. It can be eaten or served as steamed Crab, lump Crab, whole or leg Crab, Crab cake, deep-fried Crab, Crab Soup, and many other ways.

Nothing feels more exciting than cracking and pulling tine slivers of meat out of Crab's carcass! The only thing you must ensure while enjoying Crab is- their pointy body as it can bloody up your fingers.

#2- Shrimp

Shrimp is another non-fish seafood you can try if not tried before. It is easy to find and versatile to cook in many ways. 

You can buy it frozen as well. For example, you can serve Shrimp as Barbecued, boiled and broiled, baked, sautéed and as Shrimp Kebabs! 

There are other ways you can have it as well, like Shrimp Creole, Shrimp Gumbo, salad, Shrimp burger and sandwiches. If you are cooking it home by yourself, ensure to remove that dark line on the back of it (Shrimp) as it is full of poop!

#3 Lobster

When it comes to non-fish food- Lobster is something every seafood lover wants to have! You can serve it as boiled, grilled, whole or just tail. You can also try Lobster bisque and Lobster roll. 

Chilled with mayonnaise can make it even superb to taste!

#4- Scallops

You can have it as a bunch of little scallops or sometimes a big one. They also come in frozen packages, which you can be served as smoked, seared, and in other ways.

#5- Clams

Steamed, baked, fried, raw, or even boiled Clams can be tried. You can get them in pasta, soup, and other forms too! Clams are delicious in the shells and also out! The only thing about the Clams is- if you do not like the taste of sea or chewing gooey things- you might not like it! But there is nothing wrong with having it once as a non-fish item!

The Final Words:

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