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Top 4 Grab-and-Go Seafood Dishes You Should Have on Your Menu

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Although the pandemic is still raging, restaurants, pubs, bars, and cafés in the UK are actively working to ensure that they can continue to serve delectable food to customers through takeout or delivery. Many restaurants, however, may find that their menus are not as easy to translate into a takeout form as they had assumed. Seafood Direct are one of the leading seafood wholesaler in the UK.

Are you looking for new seafood takeout ideas to satisfy your customers’ seafood cravings? Check out these grab-and-go seafood recipes you can have on your restaurant menu:

  1. Seafood Paella (Paella de Marisco): A traditional rice dish from Valencia, paella is a delectable blend of warming spices like saffron, paprika and dried thyme paired with paella or risotto rice and meat. Seafood paella (or “Paella de Marisco”) is one of the most popular paella recipes in the UK. Seafood paella replaces meat with monkfish, king prawns or mussels. It is a flavourful, rich dish that makes for the ideal takeaway seafood meal — thanks to its rice base and other easily transportable ingredients, allowing your customers to enjoy the food from the comfort of their own homes.
  2. Scampi: Scampi is a perfect seafood meal for takeout, as shown by fish and chip businesses across the UK. Of course, scampi can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From the ultimate comfort food of beer-battered scampi with sweet potato chips and mushy peas to more lavish meals like grilled scampi with Greek salad, you will have plenty of options for creating a dish for your restaurant. Scampi can also be beautifully presented in a takeout box ready to be delivered or collected from your restaurant due to its easily transportable nature.
  3. Fish and chips: Fish and chips is a traditional English dish loved by people around the country. There are several classic fish and chips varieties that your business can choose to better blend in with your existing menu. From a hearty golden beer-battered fish with chips to baked cod fillets topped with red pesto and crispy breadcrumbs, there are plenty of ways to treat your customers to the well-loved fish and chips they have been looking for — all in a style that is easy to deliver or have picked up from your restaurant.
  4. Seafood pasta: There are several options for seafood pasta, ranging from the different types of seafood to the different types of pasta to pair them with. Whether you choose spicy shrimp and penne or creamy prawn linguine, your seafood pasta can be safely delivered in a takeout box. However, if your seafood pasta is very sauce-heavy, we recommend securing the takeout box and providing plenty of napkins to minimise spillage during delivery.

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