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All the Different Cuts of Fish Available in London

Seafood delivery in London brings the best sea flavours to your home. At Seafood Direct, we know that fish cuts are not only for cooking but can also bring the best out of each seafood meal. Whether you are an experienced chef or a home cook in London, knowing your fish cuts can improve your seafood dining experience.

Fish fillet

You see fillets in a lot of kitchens in the city. They are perfect for when you want a quick and delicious seafood meal. You slice the fish to make fillets, and they come either with skin (skin-on) or without (skin-off). Fillets are thin and boneless, which means they cook fast. Whether a skin-on sea bass or a skin-off cod, fillets are delicious meals you can prepare in no time.

Fish portions

You should buy fish portions if you want consistency in sizes and portions. These rectangular pieces come from filleted fish, so they have no bones and can be cut uniformly every time. They are good for meals like fish fingers or as taco fillings. The off-cuts can be used in your seafood pasta or chowder.

Butterfly fish fillet

If you like the idea of a whole fish but want something easier to prepare, try butterfly fillets. They are still attached to the backbone but have no other bones. You get the feel of a whole fish without the hard work of preparing it. Butterfly fillets are especially popular with small freshwater fishes and cook fast because they spread out in the pan.

Fish steak

If you want something more hearty, check out fish steaks (sometimes known as a darne). They differ from fillets as they are cut cross-sectionally with vertebrae, bones, and skin. Fish steaks are good for grilling. 

Fish loin

If you want something fancier, consider a fish loin. Like a pork loin, it's a thick and long cut from large fish, like tuna or salmon. Fish loins are both boneless and skinless. 

Fish medallions

Fish medallions are round, thick pieces from a fish loin. They make any plate look elegant. Whether you pan-fry or grill them, these cuts are perfect for when you want to enjoy fancy seafood.

Pan-dressed whole fish

If you like things the traditional way, try a pan-dressed whole fish. It offers an authentic seafood experience. There are no gills, scales, or insides, so it's ready to cook but still looks like a whole fish.

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