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4 Common Frozen Fish Myths Busted – Fish Delivery in the UK

Do you avoid online fish delivery in the UK because you are wary of frozen fish? Do you have reservations about the freshness and quality of frozen seafood? If yes, your view of frozen fish needs to be adjusted a little. Although logic would imply that “fresh” fish is of higher quality than frozen fish, that is not always the case. Yes, fresh fish is not necessarily a better choice than frozen fish—this is attributable to the fact that frozen fish is stored in highly specialized flash-freezing containers as soon as it is caught. This makes it a better choice as freezing preserves its freshness.

Are you surprised? We thought so. Let’s look at some more frozen fish myths and misconceptions in the UK and debunk them.

Myth 1: Frozen fish loses its flavour and texture.  

Of course, no one wants mushy-textured, bland fish, and since people actually believe frozen fish lacks rich flavour and texture, they avoid purchasing it. This, however, is not the truth. The taste and texture of the fish are affected not because it is frozen but because it was not properly defrosted. If frozen fish is defrosted correctly, it can taste as good as—or even better than—fresh fish.

Myth 2: Frozen fish is not as healthy as fresh fish.

Another common misconception is that freezing the fish would strip it of all of its essential nutrients. Contrary to this belief, when fish is frozen, none of its nutritional value is lost, and you still get the same amount of nutrients and protein. As a matter of fact, frozen fish is low in saturated fat and high in omega-3 fatty acids, both of which can go a long way in improving your cardiovascular health.

Myth 3: Frozen fish harms the environment.

This notion, too, is a silly myth. Believe it or not, frozen fish actually has a lower carbon footprint than fresh fish! This is related mainly to the fact that a considerable amount of energy is needed to ship fresh fish, typically done through air freight. On the other hand, when frozen fish is shipped, there is no hurry since it is stored in special flash-freezing containers, and its freshness is maintained. As a result, it can be transported in a more leisurely manner using ‘slower’ vehicles such as vessels and trucks. Not to mention that these modes of transportation emit less CO2.

Myth 4: Frozen fish is hard to cook

This myth can be easily debunked. You can cook frozen fish just like any other fish if you defrost it properly. In fact, using our fish delivery services in the UK will make things a lot easier for you as we provide a wide selection of fresh, pre-portioned fish and seafood. All you have to do is select from the package based on your needs and then follow your favourite recipe—does it sound like a real chore to you?

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