4 Myths You May Have Heard About Frozen Fish

Have you ever browsed through options offered by seafood wholesalers in the UK but hesitated to add frozen fish to your cart? You are not the only one! Many people feel apprehensive about choosing frozen fish, mainly because of the many myths they have heard about it. Below are the four common frozen fish myths you have probably heard and should not be believing!

Myth 1: Frozen fish loses its flavour and texture

Many people worry when they buy frozen fish that it will turn out mushy and tasteless. This is a common concern, but it's unfounded. Your frozen fish's flavour and texture depend on how you defrost it. Do it correctly and frozen fish keeps its taste and texture.

Don't let the myth that frozen fish loses its flavour and texture turn you off from all the delicious variety of seafood out there. Learn how to defrost, and you will see that frozen fish tastes as good as its fresh counterparts.

Myth 2: Frozen fish isn't as nutritious as fresh fish

That frozen fish is not as good for you as fresh fish is a myth. Freezing fish keeps all its goodness, like proteins and omega-3s, locked in tight—no nutritional value drops. You are missing out if you have been avoiding frozen fish because you think it is not as good for your health as fresh fish. Frozen fish is delicious. It's also a good choice for keeping your heart healthy and easily fits into your diet.

Myth 3: Frozen fish is harmful to the environment

The third myth is that frozen fish is supposedly bad for the planet. It's the other way around. Fresh fish often need fast, energy-guzzling air travel to get to you. But frozen fish travel using the "slower" route, which is much better for the environment. 

Myth 4: Frozen fish is difficult to cook

Last on this list is the idea that cooking frozen fish is tricky. In reality, if you defrost it properly, cooking frozen fish is just as easy as cooking fresh fish.

Our seafood delivery service makes the cooking even more straightforward by offering a wide range of pre-portioned, ready-to-cook frozen fish. Just pick, thaw, and cook! This means less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your delicious fish meals. So don't let the worry of it being too difficult to cook stop you from enjoying frozen fish. 

In conclusion

Seafood Direct has been in the fish and seafood industry for over 45 years. We bring you a wide range of seafood directly to your doorstep, whether it be your home, pub, or restaurant. We import the best seafood from around the world, always keeping sustainability and responsible sourcing in mind.

Our online store has something for every taste and need. And if you are looking for something specific, just let us know, and we will do our best to supply it for you. Check out our product pages and enjoy the ease of quality seafood delivered straight to you!

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