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Buying a Crab Online? Here’s What You Should Know

There are only a few things more delicious and flavorful than a crab. The supple texture and mouth-watering taste of crab meat make them a perfect addition to a weekly dinner routine. No wonder people love buying crabs online and devouring them in various forms such as curries, fries and salads.

But before you go online and look up “best seafood delivery near me,” it is worth noting that not every online seafood delivery service that sells seafood online in the UK delivers it fresh. Some even try to pass on stale crabs just to make money. Of course, they do not taste good and eating them can make you sick. That being the case, you should always check the freshness of the crabs that you buy online.

But first… is it even safe to buy seafood online?

Sometimes, people are suspicious of buying seafood online because they are sceptical of the quality and freshness. And that’s fair. However, you have nothing to worry about if you buy your seafood from trusted and professional seafood wholesalers in the UK. In fact, buying from reputed online seafood wholesalers that offer seafood home delivery is a convenient (and often, even a more cost-effective) option for you if you have a busy schedule. You can simply tap on the “order now” button and buy your favourite seafood from the comfort of your home!

Surprisingly, seafood is also a lot more fresh when you buy it online than when you buy it from a grocery store. This is because there are more links in the supply chain when grocery stores are involved, which can significantly impact the seafood’s freshness and quality. On the other hand, the seafood sold by online retailers is stored in a temperature-regulated environment during transit. This ensures that the fresh catch stays fresh for a long time.

Now, how do you check the freshness of crabs?

It is no brainer that stale food will stink. And that is exactly how you can check the freshness of the crab that was just delivered to you: smell it. If the crab is not fresh, you will probably get a repulsive fishy odour. If you do not trust your olfactory receptors, we have got another way for you. You will get to know if the crab is stale by touching its meat. The meat of a fresh crab will be soft and moist to touch, but if your crab’s meat feels slimy, there is something fishy.


All our crab is frozen as soon as it is cooked and ready to eat to ensure its freshness.

Seafood delivery in London is on the rise as people are getting used to the ease of receiving fresh seafood at their doorsteps. You can also leverage this service and save the stress of going to the grocery store frequently. Just make sure you know how to check if what you have received is, in fact, fresh! 

Why not try our delicious crab, order now. You can call us on 01472 566000 about any of our prodcuts we have available in our store

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