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Four easy ways to cook seafood – Seafood Home Delivery

Online Seafood Delivery Seafood

Thinking of a seafood home delivery looking for options ? There are several delicious flavours to discover under the sea - from squids and shrimps to oysters and clams. Likewise, there are just innumerable ways to cook and eat seafood more than you can think of. Whether you want to satiate your hunger pangs with quick 10-minute recipes or you are just feeling adventurous on the BBQ, there will always be a way to eat seafood.

In this blog, we will go over four fun and easy ways to cook seafood.

1. Fry in a flash

If you are short on time, amaze yourself with this quick and easy way to cook seafood. If you just leveraged your fishmonger’s seafood home delivery services and now want to cook your fish in a similarly fast manner, then pan-frying is the best way to go. Pan-fried fish is super moist, and its flavour is elevated deliciously. Dust the fish in seasoned flour, fry it in a pan with a little oil, add some butter and voila! Your fish is ready.    

2. Shove it in the oven

The process of buying seafood has been significantly streamlined as companies have started offering online seafood delivery. Similarly, this method of cooking seafood makes the entire process extremely easy. All you need to do is throw a few ingredients into your baking tray and bake to get a delicious dinner. Fillets of white fish are an ideal buy if you are going for this method of cooking seafood. You need to cook it at 190 °C with your favourite sauces and seasonings for about 10 or 15 minutes. Consider it done once it becomes opaque and flakes with a fork.   

3. Simply steam it

Steaming seafood is the most healthy way to consume it. In this method, the moisture is sealed, nutrients are locked, and the taste is as natural as it can get. You do not need to do much — season your seafood with a little lemon juice and steam it for 10 or 15 minutes for thin fish fillets and 15 or 20 minutes for thicker pieces. As there is no unhealthy ingredient in this recipe, this protein-rich food’s nutritional qualities are even more amplified.

4. Perfectly poach it   

Yet another healthy, quick and easy way to cook seafood! In this method, you cook the fish in a pan filled with little liquid, like stock, milk or water. Famous poached seafood recipes include cod poached in spicy Asian broth and smoked haddock simmered in milk and served with egg and spinach. You can even freeze the poaching liquid and use it later as a base for a tasty soup or a flavourful fish pie.

Aren’t these ways to cook seafood easy? The quickness of these recipes might make you think that there is something ‘fishy’! But we promise that there isn’t. So, next time, whenever your seafood is delivered to your doorstep, do not forget to try one of these methods. And we are sure that you, too, would be surprised at how easily, quickly and deliciously your seafood cooks.


If you are looking to order seafood online, Seafood Direct deliver seafood throughout the UK, you can contact us with any enquiries on our products 01472 566000 or send us a message.

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