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How to safely select the fish for your plate?

Seafood seafood wholesalers in the UK

Whether it is the UK, US, or Japan- people love to eat fish. It is one of the most loved and familiar seafood you can notice. It is not only delicious if cooked correctly, but also it is an excellent source of high-quality protein and other essential nutrients. So having fish or seafood on your table can help you with a balanced and healthy diet! 

If you include a variety of seafood, including fish, lobster, crab, etc.- such a balanced diet can contribute to a healthy heart and liver. Also, it helps in children's proper growth and development.

But, you cannot have any fish on your plate! 

It takes a bit of awareness and knowledge before selecting the correct seafood. Like any type of regular food, it is also essential to choose and handle fish safely. Because you can not take the risk of foodborne illness that may come from a contaminated or rotting fish!

Let's find out how to select fresh fish from seafood wholesalers in the UK.

Buy Fresh and Right Fish:

1) You can expect a mild & fresh smell from a fresh fish. It should not smell fishy, sour, or ammonia-like. And, if it is so- leave that fish!

2) See if a fish's eyes are clear and shiny. It helps you identify if it is safe to eat or was stored for a long.

3) It should also have firm flesh and red gills with no odour. You can notice that fresh fillets should have firm flesh with red bloodlines. If it is tuna, it should be red flesh. Please note; that the meat should spring back when pressed.

4) There should be no discolouration, drying or darkening around the edges of fish fillets.

5) You can also expect little or no odour and pearl-like clear colour with other seafood like shrimp, scallops, and lobster

6) You should check other indicators there on the refrigerated seafood packages. Like, temperature, time, and date to help you identify if the fish or your favourite seafood is stored with all possible precautions to maintain its freshness. If these indicators are okay- then have that fish!

7) Please note, if you are looking for seafood which is rare or not found in your region- then you might have "Previously Frozen" seafood. A fish or fish fillets that are previously frozen may not have all the characteristics of a fresh fish, like bright eyes, a flesh with no odour, red gills, or bloodline on meat. But, still, they would smell new, mild, and not fishy or sour.

Try to only go for the fresh fish refrigerated or displayed on a thick bed of fresh ice. Because this can affect the colour of fish. Other factors like diet, the fish's environment, and the packaging process can also affect the colour. Hence, try to look for the different aspects discussed so far.

Special Note about the Frozen Fish!

Your favourite fish can spoil if the fish thaws while being transported. It can also happen if the frozen fish is left at a warm temperature for long before being cooked. Hence, before buying frozen fish- if you notice that the package is open, torn, or crushed on the edges- you can simply avoid that package.

Similarly, frozen fish packaging with frost or ice crystal signs should be avoided. Such characters can appear if the fish is stored for long, thawed, and refrozen.

Also, try to say NO to the frozen fish packages where you notice the flesh is not hard!

Let's Summarise!

Following these selecting tips before buying a fish can help you, and your family safely enjoy seafood's delicate taste and good nutrition.

So, if you are looking for fresh seafood- you can contact "Seafood Direct" -a internet-based shop in the UK that offers fresh seafood direct to your home. They have been in business for more than 45 years, and they are also seafood wholesalers in the UK and do wholesale seafood orders for restaurants, pubs, cafes, bars etc., across the country.

Visit their website "Seafood Direct" or call 01472 566000 for quick order placement.

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