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Seafood Preparation Tips to Save Your Time

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When it comes to preparing seafood in the UK, the possibilities can seem endless. However, it demands a considerable amount of time and effort. Of course, the end result is worth it — but if you can save some time, why wouldn’t you? In this blog, we have compiled a list of our favourite time-saving hacks to help you get your seafood prep done as quickly as possible!

  • Freshness is key: Even before you begin to prepare your seafood, you must ensure that it is as fresh as possible. Examine your seafood carefully. Fresh fish should have a mild odour and look freshly cut. The eyes and gills are key indicators of fresh fish — ensure that the eyes are clear and almost bulgy, and the gills are bright red. Consider purchasing your seafood online UK supplied to ensure you get the freshest produce possible.
  • Don’t overcook it: You can keep your seafood from becoming dry or flavourless by not overcooking it. It saves you time since you will not have to spend as much time cooking, but it also means you will not have to try to fix things if you do overcook your seafood. We should mention that when you remove lighter and more tender types of seafood from the heat, they will continue to cook.
  • Season it: When seasoning your seafood, keep in mind that each variety of seafood has its distinct taste and flavour. So, while seasoning your seafood during cooking or making a sauce to pair it with, keep the natural flavour of the seafood in mind so that you do not pair it with a strong sauce that overpowers that flavour. This can reduce the amount of time you would have previously spent making a complex sauce or seasoning.
  • Fry it at the right temperature: Consider the cooking oil temperature when deep-frying seafood, as the right temperature can make or break your seafood meal. By keeping the seafood between 175 and 180°C, you can reduce the likelihood of burning it or having to cook it for longer. Frying your seafood at the right temperature also ensures a more even cooking.
  • Thaw it: If you have not been able to buy fresh seafood or divided it up and frozen some of it, waiting for it to thaw before you can start cooking can feel like an eternity. For best results, consider thawing your fish in water for 30 mins — and make sure it is in a sealed bag. While you wait for it to thaw, you can prepare other ingredients for your seafood dish and save yourself some time! Once defrosted, take your seafood out of the sealed bag, run it under cold water, and pat it dry before cooking.
  • Don’t spend too long marinating: Seafood, unlike other types of protein such as chicken and steak, does not require as much time to marinade and absorb flavour. So, instead of leaving your seafood in a marinade for hours, put it in for around 30 mins. While your seafood is marinating, prepare the rest of the dish — you will be ready in no time!

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