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Thawing Seafood: A Beginner’s Guide

Seafood Direct delivery seafood London area and throughout the UK Here is our guide to thawing seafood.

Frozen seafood is a modern marvel because it allows busy Brits to plan delicious meals ahead of time and on a budget. But how do you properly thaw frozen seafood? When thawing, you need to remember a few important things, all of which we will discuss in this blog...

Should I microwave my seafood to thaw it?

This is not meant to be a criticism against the microwave, but it is not ideal for defrosting fish. You have likely had a failed defrost job due to the microwave’s poor and inconsistent heat distribution — ground beef cooked in one corner, mushy steaks, or casseroles or stews frozen on the inside but defrosted on the outside. These extreme temperature swings are what will ruin your fresh seafood. There are significantly more efficient and faster ways to defrost your seafood...

Should I just leave it to thaw on the counter?

NEVER thaw frozen fish at room temperature. That is a recipe for disaster (literally!) as bacteria prefer moist, protein-rich environments and thrive at room temperature. Food safety is paramount and should always be taken into account while prepping your fish recipe.

Thaw your frozen seafood in the refrigerator

The best way to thaw frozen seafood is to put it in the refrigerator the morning before your seafood-fuelled feast. This method is ideal for just about any frozen seafood option. The seafood will gradually thaw while remaining at the food-safe temperature of your refrigerator and will be ready to cook after around 8 hours. Freshness and flavour profiles are also preserved.

Tip: Even though there does not appear to be much moisture on the frozen foods, there will be plenty once they have been defrosted. Place your frozen seafood in a bowl or dish and save you the headache of cleaning up a puddle later.

Thaw your frozen seafood in water

The second best way to thaw your seafood is to defrost it in water. Put a large enough bowl in the sink and submerge your seafood in it. Fill the bowl halfway with cold water and your frozen treats. Depending on the type of seafood, it could take up to an hour for it to defrost entirely. Replace the water every 20-30 minutes until everything has thawed completely.

Tip: Seafood that has been vacuum-sealed is safe to defrost in a water bath. If any of your seafood is “free” of its packaging, simply place it in zipper baggies before immersing it in cool water. You don’t want to add more moisture to your seafood — just thaw it. There is also no need to maintain a constant stream of water flowing. That is simply wasting water. Just keep replacing the water regularly.

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