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8 Reasons to Increase Your Seafood

2022 is not too far away, which means it is time to start thinking about your New Year's resolutions. We propose adding "eating more seafood" at the top of your list. Here are eight reasons why you should make 2022 a more fish-friendly year: Seafood Direct provide an online seafood delivery service throughout the UK

1. Seafood Is Good for Your Brain

If the last two years have worn you down, a little "grey matter boosting" may be just what you need for a fresh start in 2022 — and, with it, a more seafood-rich diet. Studies have shown that simply increasing your weekly consumption of seafood by one meal per week will significantly improve your cognitive performance. The same studies have also shown that people who eat a lot of seafood have a lower risk of progressive neurologic disorders like Alzheimer's.

2. Everyone Benefits from Sustainable Seafood

Everyone benefits from a seafood supply chain that is mindful of the sustainability of our oceans and rivers. Seafood Direct sells sustainably sourced seafood, which makes ordering fresh seafood easy and environmentally friendly.

3. Seafood Is Good for Your Mood

Yes, seafood can lift your spirits! Consider eating mood-boosting fishes like salmon, trout, and tuna as they are abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids. When we consume Omega-3-rich foods, our central nervous system receives a moderate boost, which improves our mood.

4. Seafood Packs Proteins

Seafood is packed with plenty of high-quality, lean protein, including many essential proteins (amino acids) crucial for a healthy diet. Between salmon, trout, tuna, crab, and shrimp, there is literally a sea of nutrient-dense meal options to choose from. 

5. Seafood Is Adaptable

Seafood is prevalent in pretty much every culture, making fish and shellfish some of the most adaptable culinary ingredients ever! From pastas and paellas to creamy chowders and curries, there is an endless variety of dishes you can prepare using seafood.

6. Support Small Seafood Businesses

All of the crabbers, fishers, and watermen in Seafood Direct's network are small family-run businesses, many of which have been in the water for generations. Ordering our seafood contributes to the continuance of their work and legacy.

7. Preparing Seafood Is Fast and Easy

When it comes to preparing delicious and healthy meals at home, many people still struggle with time. One of the many advantages of seafood is its lean nature, which allows it to be cooked in half the time it takes to cook chicken. So if you are looking for a quick-fix meal, you cannot go wrong with seafood. 

8. Seafood Is a Nutritional Powerhouse

Seafood is a nutritional powerhouse high in good fats, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Each type of seafood brings its unique set of macro and micronutrient benefits to the table.

Do you need help sourcing fresh seafood? We have got you covered! All of our seafood will be delivered straight to your doorstep when you schedule it! To browse Seafood Direct's fine selection of nutritious, sustainable and mouth-watering fresh seafood, please stop by our website today! And if you have any questions about our online seafood delivery service, call us at 01472 566000 or write to us at One of our representatives will get back to you shortly! We offer seafood delivery London wide and throughout the U.K.

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