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Here’s How You Should Shop for Sustainable Seafood – Seafood online in the UK

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Terms like “sustainable” and “responsible sourcing” often pop up in discussions on seafood. People emphasise making smart choices that are beneficial for both seafood lovers as well as the environment. But what exactly does sustainable fishing mean? Let us dig deeper and find out!

What is sustainability?        

Simply put, sustainability is about the future. It refers to meeting today’s demands in a manner that is sufficient for future generations. In the context of the seafood industry, sustainability means leaving enough fishes in the ocean and respecting habitats so that people whose livelihoods depend on fishing can thrive.

The fishing activity should also be carried out so that other species and habitats remain healthy and the marine environment is not negatively impacted.

Why should you care? Can’t you mindlessly gobble as much delicious seafood as you want? All this does not have to do only with the fish suppliers and seafood wholesalers in the UK. Being at the receiving end, you have the power to make a real difference. By demanding sustainable seafood, you can drive the seafood market towards producing sustainable seafood.

Top tips for buying sustainable seafood      

You can opt for sustainable seafood, even if you buy seafood online in the UK. Read the tips given below to buy seafood that is responsibly sourced.

  1. Simply ask

The pretty straightforward way of knowing if the food that you are ordering is sustainable or not is to ask for the information. Before ordering, you can contact the company that is offering at-home seafood delivery in London and ask if they are selling sustainable seafood or not.

  1. Change your orders

It is quite logical to order only what you like regularly. But placing the same order repeatedly can put the popular seafood species under strain because you are not buying other species. You need to make one simple change to be more sustainable- eating a varied range of species. Just swap your haddock with pollack and mackerel with tuna to ensure that a specific species isn’t under pressure.  

  1. Check the labels

Suppliers who actively participate in sustainable fishing have certain certifications and labels. Though not all sustainably sourced seafood is labelled, the easiest way is to check for sustainable seafood is to look for labels whenever possible. We have decoded a few labels for you. Take a look.

  • MSC blue label: MSC stands for Marine Stewardship Council, and its label is an independent sustainability label. It means that the seafood has been sourced using methods that minimise impacts on the marine environment.
  • Dolphin safe/friendly label: This label indicates that seafood has been sourced in a way that is not harmful to dolphins.
  • RSPCA Assured: This indicates that the farmed salmons and trouts are living under desirable conditions; it includes their health, diet, handling and care.
  • Pole-and-Line caught: This label indicates that the seafood has been caught using the pole-and-line method, in which there are fewer chances of harming other species.

If you want to make the transition towards shopping and eating sustainable seafood, consider using these tips. They will surely make you a more responsible seafood eater.  Call us on 01472 566000 or send us a message if you have any questions on our products.

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