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Seafood Wrapping Options – Seafood Online UK

As the saying goes, "variety is the spice of life." So, why not experiment with some delicious classics? Now, this blog is not meant to be a criticism of bacon as a seafood wrapping — we have so much love and admiration for the person who invented bacon-wrapped scallops. This is merely an exploration of our favourite seafood wrappers, beginning with bacon as the gateway wrapper and progressing to more delectable levels. Here are some our our Seafood Online UK top wrapping options.

1. Cured Meats

Please bear with us while we walk you through our thought process for 'alternative seafood wrappers.'

What makes bacon-wrapped scallops, shrimp, and other seafood so delicious? The answer is bacon's smokey, peppery, buttery flavour profile. Wrapping delicate (and often susceptible to overcooking) seafood in a thick outer bacon covering protects it while also enhancing its flavour and texture. So, if bacon is the apex of seafood wraps, why not try other hearty meats?

Prosciutto, Jambon, and Speck all have that savoury, buttery flavour profile that we associate with bacon, and speck (smoked prosciutto) can also add a smoky note. Given that each of these meat products is a sought-after delicacy, using them as a wrapping would — in theory — raise the plainly wrapped seafood to a very sophisticated level. We like it!

Using the same logic, we would wager that spicy cured meats would work just as well. Time to add some hot capicola to the menu!

2. Pastry 

Are you like us, and when you go to a soiree, you cannot resist the pastry-themed appetisers? Cheddar cheese straws, puff pastry shells, prosciutto and parmesan pinwheels and phyllo-covered brie... delicious.

So, why not wrap your seafood in appetisers like puff pastry or phyllo dough? Phyllo dough — particularly kataifi — can add a crispy texture to your seafood. Both puff pastry and phyllo dough also allow for the addition of other ingredients such as herbs, veggies, sauces, and so on. Wrapping the seafood securely while seasoning it at the same time!

3. Veggies

While our first two contenders are both delicious, they are not the healthiest options. They are excellent for special occasions, but what if you want a more everyday wrap?

This is when veggies come into play — thinly cut ribbons of fresh vegetables (squash or root veggies) wrapped around your seafood. The alternative vegetarian obsession in the U.K. is still going strong. It was only a matter of time before veggie seafood wrappers became popular. If you find your vegetables to be a touch bland, brush your veggie wrapping with barbeque sauce or thyme butter.

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