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5 British Seafood You Must Try!

If you are from the UK or visiting this beautiful country in the next few days, and if you love seafood, this blog is for you! Because we are suggesting 5 British Seafood, You Must Try this time! So, let’s get started!

1) Oysters

Oyster is an excellent source of protein. And that’s why people love it! 

However, unsustainable harvesting pushed their number to an alarming low point. But gradually, the Oysters population is increasing due to the implementation of solid regulation and ecofriendly & sustainable fishing. 

These days they are farmed in innovative artificial or natural water bodies for consumption purposes. This practice has ensured their availability in the seafood market. The best way to try them is with lemon, which doesn’t mask its flavour yet tastes fantastic.

2) Langoustine

You might find them in the local seafood market by the name Norway Lobster or Dublin Bay

These little creatures taste delicious if tried fresh. But before purchasing them, you must notice a few things about their freshness, such as their head should look fresh orange while the bottom should look (fresh) white.

To prepare them, cut them at the belly lengthways, grill them in the pan, and add olive oil and salt for superb taste.

3) Rollmop Herrings

This is one of the seafood widely loved in the UK because Herring is plentiful here.

Also, this seafood is hugely popular in Germany, The Netherlands, and Scandinavia.

The Dutch often serve it as ‘maatjes’, that is, soused herring, which is a roll with raw onion. You can also try them with potato salad and an excellent yeasty craft beer!

4) Mussels

Quick, Delicious, and hugely adaptable, you can cook Mussels at home as tasty as in a restaurant- because they are so easy to prepare!

Mussels can quickly be found in the fish market or ordered online from fresh Seafood Wholesalers UK, such as SeaFood Direct. You can also call them at 01472 566000 for super quick home delivery.

When you buy them, ensure they are shut tight and do not have any gaps or openings. Plus, they should have a little sheen (a soft lustre) and not be dry!

5) Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon was famous for Christmas, but now you can serve them throughout the year.

This seafood is available in myriad forms, and you can try them as a classic combination with cream cheese for a traditional taste.

Bonus: Jellied Eels

Jellied Eels were once a cheap protein source and were widely popular in the east end of London. Still, many people find them on menus and love to try them. You can get them from your local seafood wholesalers UK or seafood market if you want.

Eels are boiled in spiced stock and let to cool. And this is how they become Jellied. 

You can best eat them alongside pie and mash them with, ideally, a splash of chilli vinegar. If not vinegar, then try white pepper for a great taste!

The Final Words

In addition, you can also try Kippers, Potted Shrimp, and Smoked Mackerel for a great taste!

If you are from the UK and want some fresh seafood, order it from Seafood Direct in no time. 

Seafood Direct is one of the leading and years-old professional seafood suppliers in the UK. And for quick order placement of seafood, simply visit their website or call 01472 566000!

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