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5 Reasons You Should Be Having Fish In Diet!

We all know how fish can supplement your diet and add nutrients. No one can deny the benefits we harvest from eating fish. You get high-quality protein, vitamins, and, most essential, Omega-3 Fatty Acids. This is super helpful for the brain and heart functioning and overall physical growth!

Apart from this, such a nutritional punch from having a fish can glow your skin, minimise acne, and bring an even tone to your skin texture. 

Let's find out other benefits you can harvest from eating fish!

Reason #1- Minimise the Risk Of Heart Disease

Fish has nothing to do with the heart, but the nutritional punch you get from fish, especially the Omega-3 Fatty Acids, plays a vital role in healthy heart functioning. It also reduces inflammation. Thus, helps you protect your heart.

A study found that fish consumption is somehow associated with a lower risk of CHD (coronary heart disease) because of the Omega-3 and its high nutritional content.

Reason #2- Improve your Vision and Eyesight

Fish liver oil is used for medicinal purposes, especially for vision correction and healthy eyesight. 

However, studies also suggest that Omega-3 has beneficial effects in improving vision and overall eye health. This is because the eye and brain are heavily concentrated in Omega-3 (fatty acids) and need the same for their proper functioning and maintenance.

Reason #3- A Good Source Of Vit-D

It is nothing new to mention that fish is high in Vitamin D and is one of the excellent sources of this essential nutrient. 

We all know we need vitamin D for proper calcium absorption in our bodies for bone health and growth. But unfortunately, most of us do not meet the Estimated Average Intake (EAR) of this essential vitamin every year to maintain an adequate bone density. That's why we can have fish to minimise this deficiency!

Reason #4- It Helps Sleep Better

Again, fish has nothing to do with your sleep but the same Vitamin D we discussed above! So, if you have a problem falling or staying asleep at night, having fish can help you with that. But how? Researchers suspect this is because of the high value of Vit-D, which ads in sleep.

Reason #5- Minimise the Acne

Who does not like the even tone of skin and acne-free face? Well, we all like skin which minimum or almost no acne. Whether these are hormonal or adult acne, studies suggest that fish oil is beneficial in alleviating acne and clearing skin. 

Have you tried them yet before? 

BONUS: Reason #6- Good for Mental Health

Mental health can not be ignored; fish is an essential dietary food (Omega-3) that affects your mental health. The nutritional-rich content in fish helps your brain function properly, be alert, and be in sound health.

Studies show that moderate seafood consumption, especially fish, can help you minimise the risk of memory loss and conditions like Alzheimer's disease. 

But the fish can also increase the mercury level in your body. Hence ensure to have fish with lower mercury content because this metal dangerously harms the brain and thus the overall mental health!

So, fish is good for health?

Not to mention Seafood, mainly fish, is one of the most beneficial protein sources- which is considered a basic building block in our body. And it is also filled with essential nutrients. 

Similarly, Omega-3 fatty acids, which the human body does not produce, can be supplemented from Seafood like fish for a healthy brain, heart, liver, and glowing skin.

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