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Buying Prawns Online? Here’s What You Should Know.

buy prawns Online Seafood Delivery

If the last two years have taught us anything, it is that anything can be purchased online — and fresh prawns are no exception. Ordering fresh prawns online is safe, but it is also a great way to save time and access different species, including king prawns, tiger prawns, Atlantic prawns, etc. As a result, many Brits who once trusted conventional means of buying prawns from a fish market are gradually shifting to online means. It is a wise choice because it offers far greater accessibility and convenience.

If you want to make the jump but are unsure where to start, here’s everything you need to know about prawns and online seafood delivery.

What do prawns taste like?

If you have never bought prawns before and want to buy them online, you should first know that shrimp and prawns are not the same. Prawns are bigger, and shrimps are smaller. However, culinarily speaking, they are essentially the same — and their names are commonly used interchangeably. Prawns do have a unique flavour profile that is somewhat sweeter than shrimp. They are also meatier and less tender than shrimp.

What should you look for when buying prawns?

There are a few ways to ensure that the prawns you buy are fresh. When fresh, prawns — like any other seafood — do not have a foul-fishy odour. So, start with the smell. Another way to determine the freshness of prawns is to examine their appearance. The prawns you buy should look moist. If you buy prawns in their shells, they should not look dried or have fractured shells. Finally, look at the prawn’s colour — fresh prawns often have a blue-grey colour.

How to clean prawns?

Cleaning prawns at home is surprisingly easy! Peeling and deveining are the two main steps involved. 

To peel the prawn (cooked or uncooked):

  • Grab its body with one hand and the head with the other, then twist to remove it.
  • Peel the shell off in segments by pushing your thumb into the underside of the shell near the legs.
  • Pinch the tail and gently pull it away from the body to prevent breaking the flesh.

To devein uncooked prawns:

  • Peel the prawn.
  • Use a kitchen knife to cut a shallow slit down the prawn’s back.
  • Pull out the dark-coloured intestinal tract with a toothpick or skewer.

To devein cooked prawns:

  • Peel the prawn.
  • Make a shallow slit in the back and take out the intestinal tract. Alternatively, hold the intestinal tract from the top and pull away from the body using the strip of muscle that goes down the back.

Alternatively, you can devein the prawn without peeling or cutting it open:

  • Start by removing the head.
  • Grab the top of the intestinal tract with your thumb and forefinger, then pull it out in one piece.

Easy prawn recipes you can try

  • Chilli prawn and basil pasta
  • Spinach, avocado and prawn salad
  • Prawn pad thai
  • Bruschetta prawn pasta
  • Cajun prawns

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