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Did You Eat These Crabs Before?


People love to eat crab meat as it is one of the best seafood you can have. In addition, seafood enthusiasts love eating crab claws, legs, and bodies. To some people, the long and creepy spidery legs might seem odd, but for some- it is the extra stuff they want without delay!

Depending upon their size and species, some seafood lovers prefer King Crab legs, while others love Dungeness Crabs. And yes, do not miss the Blue Crab as a treat- because you get their entire bodies to eat! 

Let's find some more Crabs you can eat or ask your friends if they have tried any of the same before!

#1- King Crab

Like the name says, King Crab, this largest crab species, is fished from October to January in regions like Alaska, the Bering Sea, and Norton Sound. It has bright white meat that tastes delicious though it is notoriously difficult to coax out of the spiny shell that is hard actually. 

#2- Dungeness Crab 

Are you looking for juicy, tender, sweet and crisp crab meat?- go for Dungeness Crab as it is marketed around the year, but harvesting starts late fall to late spring. 

You can get this crab in regions like Alaska (down the West Coast). However, the surprising element with a whole Dungeness Crab (once heated and cracked) is that it can feed 2 people! Yes, that is true. Simply serve it with butter or dipping sauce, and you have the meal ready for 2 adults! 

#3- Blue Crab

Blue Crab has delicious salty sweetness, but to get that- all you need is a considerable effort. Because to eat this crab, you must dissect its carcass and remove claws, legs, gills, and other parts before snapping the whole body in half to get the meat!

Between April and December, they are harvested along with the Atlantic Coast, especially the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. These crabs are usually steamed and served whole. 

#4- Stone Crab

These Crabs are harvested from October to May in regions like South Florida. The exciting part is that fishermen usually snap off a single claw and leave the crab back in the water so that the crab can regenerate its new claw!

Well, when in-season, you can expect a flaky white delicacy inside its claw!

#5- Snow Crab

Snow Crab has a sweet taste, and they are fished in the cold months of January till April in North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans. 

Snow Crabs are sold in clusters with four walking legs and a claw as it is easy to snap them and eat without any tool! 

So, are you thinking of having Snow Crab? But, wait- let the winter come before you think to enjoy them!

The Final Words

You can explore other varieties of Crabs such as Soft-Shell Crab, Spider Crab, Horsehair Crab, etc. But again, the list does not end here. And, if reading these makes you feel hungry for fresh seafood- place your order now with SeaFood Direct

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