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Things to Consider Before You Buy Fish!

People love to eat fish not just because it tastes delicious but because it also has all the essential vitamins, minerals, and, most importantly- protein for a sound body and brain development. 

And, you can harness nutrients only when your fish is fresh! Because a rotten or decaying fish not only lacks nutrients but also doesn't taste great. It may also cause you food poising!

So, let's talk about the things to consider before you buy fish from the wholesale seafood market for a mouthwatering taste and good health!

 Whole Fish

 If it is a whole fish, here are some tips to help you choose it fresh!

1) It should have clear and bright eyes and not be sunken!

2) Bright Red Gills and not any other colour

3) Scales should be firmly attached to the skin and not missing

4) It should feel slightly slippery with moist and shiny skin. Bright natural skin colour is always a good sigh

5) The flesh should be firm with a stiff tail

6) And last but not least, it should smell sea-fresh

 Okay, not let's talk about other seafood.


Like the Whole fish, Shellfish also should not be broken or cracked. In addition, the Shells of Oysters and Mussels should be tightly shut/closed.

Lobsters, crabs, and prawns should be heavy for their size and have good colour too.

Lastly, Lobsters and Crabs should have all their limbs attached.

Smoked Fish 

There are also some precautions attached to Smoked Fish as well, such as;

1) It should have a glossy appearance with firm flesh and with no stickiness

2) Like the name says, it must smell smoky, undoubtedly pleasant, and not with any odour 


Okay, now we come to fillets. So, they must be chosen carefully, or you might compromise on the taste and nutrients.

1) Fillets should be neat, trim, and with firm flesh

2) It should be closely packed together with firmness and not ragged or gaping

3) White fish should show a white translucent colour and without any discolouration

Frozen Fish

Similar to Whole and Smoked fish, frozen fish does need care. And, if not followed, you might end up eating rotten or enough old fish that neither tastes good nor has nutrients. 

So, what are those care tips? Let's find out!

1) It should be frozen hard and without any sign of thawing

2) No damage sign on the packet, And,

3) No sign of freezer burn that is dull, white, and dry patches on the fish!

Bonus: How to Store Fish 

Usually, fresh fish should be eaten as soon as possible. But if you want to store them for longer, their safe handling is also vital besides safe purchase. Because spoilage is mainly caused by improper handling, leading to enzymes and bacteria formation.

So, keep the fish refrigerated between 0 to 5 degrees centigrade to avoid getting rotten or contaminated.

While placing fish in the fridge, ensure not to contaminate them (fish or seafood) with other fruit or vegetables.

The Final Words

It is always better to eat fresh fish as it not only tastes fantastic but also has full of nutrients. And, if you want fresh seafood delivered to your home- you can connect with Seafood Direct.

Seafood Direct is one of the leading and well-known seafood suppliers in the UK. And their seafood is always fresh, well checked, and full of quality.

So, why wait until you can have the Wholesale Seafood priced fish at your home in no time?- Call now at 01472 566000 or visit their website for quick order placement.

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